Thursday, March 3, 2016

To the woman who's not alone.

I sit here, surrounded by more papers to be graded than you can imagine, but can't shake the things my heart feels compelled to speak to you.

Throughout this life, I have realized that much of my passion lies in helping woman realize their worth.

Throughout the past 6 months, some of the woman who have changed my life the most are going through the darkest times. I have seen cancer rattle the bodies of those I love. I have seen my dearest friends go through life-changing illnesses, insecurity, and divorce. I have watched women I love lose their child and I, too, have felt the heaviness of grief. The list is endless. So, I want to speak to the women who can't do it alone.

To the woman battling disease. You don't deserve any of this. You don't deserve the days you've lost to pain. You don't deserve the moments you've lost to doctors visits, chemo, and treatment after grueling treatment. You don't deserve the time this disease has stolen from you and the joy you feel like you've lost. I am overcome by your strength. The incredible strength that it takes to look death in the face and refuse to collapse in its shadow. You could spend so many of your days angry, overwhelmed, and bitter and no one would blame you. Why on earth would a God who loves you not protect you from such pain? I've felt that, too. I want you to remember, on those dark days how incredible you are. How Jesus is sitting right beside you saying "You go, girl. You are so beautiful. You are so strong." On those days when you are angry that this terrible disease has stolen you hair, your health, and defeated your spirit. You are so, so loved. You have changed the lives of so many. Keep fighting.

To the woman who lost a child. It's true that no one really knows the pain that you feel like another mother who has also lost a child. I won't pretend to tell you that I know. The countless nights you've spent weeping, crying out to the Lord to take you, too. The times you've picked up the phone to call or text but then remember that you can't, only to relive that hopelessness again and again. It's not fair. You, too, don't deserve this. You feel angry that you area having to stand in the gap for your children's children when they should get the chance to watch them grow themselves. Your strength is breathtaking. I hope that, on those bitterly hopeless nights that you'll remember the smile on your child's face. That you'll remember all the lives that they have touched and the incredible beauty they brought and are still bringing to this world and that you'll find strength in that. Their impact is never far and you are far from alone. Keep fighting.

To the woman fighting for your marriage. You fight, girl. Fight for God's promises. Fight for your children. Fight for yourself. And, if the time comes, find strength in knowing that you gave it all you could. I know the days and nights can feel lonely and you wonder if this haze will ever lift. I hope that, at the end of this journey, you will still realize your incredible worth. You are strong, beautiful, and oh so worthy of love.  The Lord's promises haven't been forgotten and He will restore all that the devil has stolen from you. Have faith.

To the woman who wants a child. I have seen the despair in your eyes. You feel hopeless and alone. You hurt in silence but those who know your heart see. I pray you feel consumed with hope. That you'll find strength in how much you are loved to continue in faith. I pray you have every single desire of your heart in more fullness than you ever dreamed. I hope you realize that you are more than enough. You have the most beautiful strength. Hold your head high, momma. I believe with you. 

To the woman who feels unloved. Oh, how I know you. You put that pretty smile on with your make-up each morning and pretend like no one sees. The moments when you compare yourself to another and feel so inadequate. For all the times you feel like you have failed your children, your husband, and yourself. I pray that the Lord holds you close. That He overpowers that nasty voice that says you just aren't worth it. His love for you is endless, pure, and able to conquer those mountains.

To the tired momma. Girl, I feel you. You feel like the responsibilities never stop and sometimes you just need a moment for you. You feel tired and sometimes miss the days when you go to use the bathroom alone. You lose your temper, say things you shouldn't, and forget to cherish the little moments. Let's cut ourselves a break. Don't let anyone tell you how to love and raise your children except Jesus. Squeeze those babies tight with me as we teach them how to be kind, honest, and true to themselves. You are so strong and deserve a cupcake whenever you want. 

To that teenage girl. My heart has such a soft spot for you. You are beautiful, fragile, but so incredibly strong. On those days when you feel less than enough, remember your incredible purpose. It is so much bigger and wider than you have yet to see. On those days when you've given too much of yourself away to others, remember that your heart was never meant to be broken. No one will ever fight for you harder than you will fight for yourself. I hope that someday soon  you'll see all that you are. You are stronger than you believe and worth more than you see. Fight, girl.

As you go through each day, I hope that you'll remember to look beyond the surface. To spend time looking into the heart of each other and seek to the lighten the burden of another. Being a woman is hard, y'all. We are all not alone. Though our experiences are different, we can find strength in knowing that we don't have to walk this journey alone. You see, though I may not know your exact circumstance, I know you. You are my mother, my Aunt, my best friend, and myself. You are my student, co-worker, and neighbor. You are so far from being alone.

The darkness if lifting and the sunrise will be breathtaking.

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  1. Very encouraging words. We all go through some difficult trials in this life and if we can help someone else through theirs then we can show them they are not alone. Keep sharing what God puts on your heart. :-)