Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've got the fever...

Hi! Long time no see..or talk.. I guess. I told y'all I would be bad at this. Growing up, I always tried to randomly keep journals but I never got more than a couple of weeks into it. But I'm back and it's summer so MAYBE I'll be better now. It's not like a ton of people read this anyway :)

What's new?
  •    Well..I officially finished my first year of teaching high school. Whew. Words cannot describe how incredible it is to be a small part in these kids lives. Yes, there are and were some pretty crappy days but every single day God gives me something that blows me away and reminds me why I teach and love having these kids in my life. There have been a handful of incredible girls who I love with all of my heart. I am blessed by how much they teach me and just how much they encourage me when they see I am discouraged. Teaching high school is tough but so rewarding, full of life, and challenging. I never want to be okay with not being challenged. To me, that's the way God reminds us we are alive and not perfect. It's His way of showing us that we are never past Him but always needing Him.
Here's a couple of pictures of my classroom after it was all cleaned and packed up  for the summer.
  • I've got the fever. NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT. Does that mean that I don't have a triliion moments a day hoping to be soon? Or that I don't constantly look at the babies, pregnancies, etc of people I know? Or that I don't talk about what I want to name our children with Warren at least twice a week? haha No, it does not mean I don't do those things. Because I might, maybe. I have always been such a child lover (of all ages) and just had that motherly instinct. We probably won't have a baby for another year but I CANNOT WAIT to have that little piece of Warren growing inside me and to see him be such an incredible Daddy. One day, people, one day.

  • We've been on the road a lot lately and will be more. Weddings, lingerie parties, showers, graduations, etc. We are so blessed though. Praise God for those happy moments.
  • At my cousin, Josh's, graduation. The INCREDIBLE women in my family.
                                                                           Me and Warren. I love this picture of him. Sexy man. 
    Picture from tonight with one of my VERY best friends from home, Kasha (left), and her sister Karomy. Fun times!!
  • Warren started a new job as a deputy for the Crawford County Sherriff's Department. He is still finishing up his dual Masters in Family and Marriage and Community Counseling at John Brown but really hopes to use his police experience in the Forensic field someday. I can tell he really enjoys it. It is something new everyday and challenges him. He gets the opportunity to be around and help people in crisis situations and plus he always has cool stories to tell. :) It is tough though because he works nights and I'm alone a lot. He sleeps when I'm awake and so on. I'm learning to be much more independent which I need so that's a positive. He sure loves carrying that gun too. Might be a little big for his britches but let's keep that between me and you haha
  • My nephew turned TWO June 17th. He is quite possibly one of my favorite people of all time. I never imagined I could love a little boy as much as I do him and it makes me excited to know how I'll feel about my little ones someday. (The fever is flaring up again haha) He called me a "nincompoop" the other day and he loves to run around "nakey." We play guns all the time and he usually laughs so hard he has the hiccups after. He loves to give kisses and pull hair. Sometimes, when he doesn't get his way, he'll say "you're mean, Book." He talks all the time and we love it. He's spoiled out of his mind...but that's okay. lol

From a few days ago. He was watching "Buzz and Woody"

He LOVED when we sang and clapped for him.

Typical "up to no good" face

Long post...sorry about that. God is good.


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