Monday, March 21, 2011

Sprang Brake!

Hello!! I can't believe I'm blogging again :) Well, what a crazy weekend it has been. We had Warren's little brothers (9 and 11) since Thursday and we've been running around doing things with them all weekend. Loved having them. They LOVVEE Warren more than you could imagine and I'm usually the one that gets picked on. Go figure. Work was suppppeerrrr busy last week. I worked 13 hours on Thursday and then had a crazy day Friday. "Pi Day" was last Monday (3.14) and we decided to celebrate as a department on Friday. Well, a couple of weeks ago, the math club decided to do a fundraiser by placing containers in each math teachers classroom. The teacher with the most money at the end of the 2 weeks would get a pie thrown in their face in front of the whole school. Well, I won't leave you hanging. I was the one the won. I'm not talking barely won or tied. I won by doubling the amount of the other teachers. Here's a pic that one of my most precious students while I was waiting to get pi'd.
Well, needless to say it got ALL over my clothes and my face. The kids loved it though and I guess that's all that matters. :)

Before it gets too late, I did want to blog about our wearing just to share our special day with those who weren't able to be there. Our wedding was everything I could have every dreamed up. We were able to share "Our Day" with special people that have truly changed our hearts and minds. I was so blessed by how many showed up (300+), our precious families who were truly selfless the whole process with all their help, and our friends who made every moment something to remember. Looking back, what I love most about it all is how much FUN everyone looks like they are having in the pics and how much Jesus was glorified. At the end of the day, that's all that matters most. Pictures to come soon. Most of them are too big to load and it's taking forever. Here's a couple.
Love those EEE's :)

War and I doing our thing!

As you can tell, we were there to party.

Leaving in my Grandmother's wedding dress which fit me PERFECTLY and was made by my great-grandma. So special.

Love you guys! Have a blessed day!

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