Thursday, March 31, 2011

Always Learning

Hello all! I hope you are doing wonderfully. Today was a pretty good day. Just a fair warning, if you have no desire to hear about teaching and think it's lame, then quit reading. Since it is such a huge part of my daily life. I'll probably talk about my struggles and PRAISES often.

Today, I would call a struggle. All my life, I've been someone who didn't realize struggle to get along with most people and had so many friends in different social groups. College was pretty much the same and I loved going to a school where I was able to know so many people on campus and have them truly know me back.
This year, teaching has been a new challenge to me. I want to be liked, I mean, who doesn't? I knew and still know that not every one's going to like me. Heck, I don't like everyone. :) But, it still is a struggle juggling that thought in my head. It's often a difficult balance between being liked by my kids while still being an authority figure who has a strict purpose to teach my kids. Warrren constantly reminds me that math is boring and that, of course, they aren't really going to enjoy my class. I realize not all people like math like me. (I can hear my best friends laughing at me right this moment :)) My desire is for my students to learn, walk away knowing that they are loved by me and a God that is so much bigger than myself, learn how to work hard, and take a few memories that, years from now, they will look back and smile.

I put so much pressure on myself to be all of these things. God's had to remind me this past week how totally incapable I am of doing all these things..without him. I know that I'm not in my word and spending time with Him near like I need to be.....or even like I used to be. Truth is, without Jesus, I'm judgemental, broken, awkward (I'm probably that anyway haha), lonely, a worrier, self righteous, and more things than I even want to think about.

My prayer is to be who only Jesus wants me to be. Not who my kids at school, my hubby, my family, or I want me to be.

I would love y'alls thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. Thanks for listening to me. I am so blessed by you guys.


Here's a few pics of our life :)
 You can admit he's ones of the cutest babies you ever seen. :)
 Love my hubby!
 Our precious puppy Kilo, he's the cuddly one.
Sneaky and Sweet, Manny. He's the mischievious  one.

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