Sunday, August 21, 2011

No, I'm not dead...

I am absolutely HORRIBLE at this..I knew I would be and I have even considered deleting it because I don't think many people read it anyway..hmm.

Well, it's been about three months...

Summer was very short but enjoyable. I was able to spend some much needed time with family, resting, and enjoyed my time with Warren since we have such different work schedules during the school year.

We've been back in school for about a week now. Words cannot express how much different this year is already from last! Wow! My first year as a teacher was full of so many challenges, joy, amazing kids and co-workers, and learning experiences. I would spend HOURS at home preparing for the upcoming days, grading, researching..Last year, I really struggled learning how to manage my classroom. This year, is so so different already. I still work on stuff at home at times but nothing compared to last year. Most of the time, I feel like I'm forgetting something because I don't have to spend so much time on things anymore. My kids seem to be incredible and so well-behaved. I do, still, miss my kids from last year and I still have a weekly lunch scheduled with a few of them which makes my heart happy. I know the school year has much more in store for me, but I am excited to have some experience under my belt and actually know what to do and what is expected of me. I have truly been so blessed at Greenwood High School. I have such an incredible support system in my co-workers and bosses and am so thankful for their support. I am finally starting to make some incredible friends in Greenwood and am so excited about that. Praises!

One happy note from the summer is that I've lost about 20 lbs over the summer!!! Initially, I did the HCG diet which helped me lose about 15 lbs. For the last couple of months since I have been off of it, I have worked out pretty consistently and totally changed my lifestyle with eating. Now, I am able to eat pretty much whatever I want and being in the habit of working out truly helps me stay balanced. Since we've been married, we got so caught up in life and eating what we wanted when we wanted. I was starting to really feel insecure on the fact that I had gained weight and my clothes were starting to get really tight. I am so proud to say that I'm not at that place anymore. I am probably almost the most fit and healthy I have ever been. My thanks goes to Jesus for truly changing my heart towards myself in the process.

I wish I had pictures to put up but I haven't uploaded my photos from my camera in about 2 months. Once I do, I'll try to remember to put some up.

Thanks for reading! Comment!

PS: The baby fever has subsided for the most part (for now). One day :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've got the fever...

Hi! Long time no see..or talk.. I guess. I told y'all I would be bad at this. Growing up, I always tried to randomly keep journals but I never got more than a couple of weeks into it. But I'm back and it's summer so MAYBE I'll be better now. It's not like a ton of people read this anyway :)

What's new?
  •    Well..I officially finished my first year of teaching high school. Whew. Words cannot describe how incredible it is to be a small part in these kids lives. Yes, there are and were some pretty crappy days but every single day God gives me something that blows me away and reminds me why I teach and love having these kids in my life. There have been a handful of incredible girls who I love with all of my heart. I am blessed by how much they teach me and just how much they encourage me when they see I am discouraged. Teaching high school is tough but so rewarding, full of life, and challenging. I never want to be okay with not being challenged. To me, that's the way God reminds us we are alive and not perfect. It's His way of showing us that we are never past Him but always needing Him.
Here's a couple of pictures of my classroom after it was all cleaned and packed up  for the summer.
  • I've got the fever. NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT. Does that mean that I don't have a triliion moments a day hoping to be soon? Or that I don't constantly look at the babies, pregnancies, etc of people I know? Or that I don't talk about what I want to name our children with Warren at least twice a week? haha No, it does not mean I don't do those things. Because I might, maybe. I have always been such a child lover (of all ages) and just had that motherly instinct. We probably won't have a baby for another year but I CANNOT WAIT to have that little piece of Warren growing inside me and to see him be such an incredible Daddy. One day, people, one day.

  • We've been on the road a lot lately and will be more. Weddings, lingerie parties, showers, graduations, etc. We are so blessed though. Praise God for those happy moments.
  • At my cousin, Josh's, graduation. The INCREDIBLE women in my family.
                                                                           Me and Warren. I love this picture of him. Sexy man. 
    Picture from tonight with one of my VERY best friends from home, Kasha (left), and her sister Karomy. Fun times!!
  • Warren started a new job as a deputy for the Crawford County Sherriff's Department. He is still finishing up his dual Masters in Family and Marriage and Community Counseling at John Brown but really hopes to use his police experience in the Forensic field someday. I can tell he really enjoys it. It is something new everyday and challenges him. He gets the opportunity to be around and help people in crisis situations and plus he always has cool stories to tell. :) It is tough though because he works nights and I'm alone a lot. He sleeps when I'm awake and so on. I'm learning to be much more independent which I need so that's a positive. He sure loves carrying that gun too. Might be a little big for his britches but let's keep that between me and you haha
  • My nephew turned TWO June 17th. He is quite possibly one of my favorite people of all time. I never imagined I could love a little boy as much as I do him and it makes me excited to know how I'll feel about my little ones someday. (The fever is flaring up again haha) He called me a "nincompoop" the other day and he loves to run around "nakey." We play guns all the time and he usually laughs so hard he has the hiccups after. He loves to give kisses and pull hair. Sometimes, when he doesn't get his way, he'll say "you're mean, Book." He talks all the time and we love it. He's spoiled out of his mind...but that's okay. lol

From a few days ago. He was watching "Buzz and Woody"

He LOVED when we sang and clapped for him.

Typical "up to no good" face

Long post...sorry about that. God is good.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Always Learning

Hello all! I hope you are doing wonderfully. Today was a pretty good day. Just a fair warning, if you have no desire to hear about teaching and think it's lame, then quit reading. Since it is such a huge part of my daily life. I'll probably talk about my struggles and PRAISES often.

Today, I would call a struggle. All my life, I've been someone who didn't realize struggle to get along with most people and had so many friends in different social groups. College was pretty much the same and I loved going to a school where I was able to know so many people on campus and have them truly know me back.
This year, teaching has been a new challenge to me. I want to be liked, I mean, who doesn't? I knew and still know that not every one's going to like me. Heck, I don't like everyone. :) But, it still is a struggle juggling that thought in my head. It's often a difficult balance between being liked by my kids while still being an authority figure who has a strict purpose to teach my kids. Warrren constantly reminds me that math is boring and that, of course, they aren't really going to enjoy my class. I realize not all people like math like me. (I can hear my best friends laughing at me right this moment :)) My desire is for my students to learn, walk away knowing that they are loved by me and a God that is so much bigger than myself, learn how to work hard, and take a few memories that, years from now, they will look back and smile.

I put so much pressure on myself to be all of these things. God's had to remind me this past week how totally incapable I am of doing all these things..without him. I know that I'm not in my word and spending time with Him near like I need to be.....or even like I used to be. Truth is, without Jesus, I'm judgemental, broken, awkward (I'm probably that anyway haha), lonely, a worrier, self righteous, and more things than I even want to think about.

My prayer is to be who only Jesus wants me to be. Not who my kids at school, my hubby, my family, or I want me to be.

I would love y'alls thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. Thanks for listening to me. I am so blessed by you guys.


Here's a few pics of our life :)
 You can admit he's ones of the cutest babies you ever seen. :)
 Love my hubby!
 Our precious puppy Kilo, he's the cuddly one.
Sneaky and Sweet, Manny. He's the mischievious  one.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sprang Brake!

Hello!! I can't believe I'm blogging again :) Well, what a crazy weekend it has been. We had Warren's little brothers (9 and 11) since Thursday and we've been running around doing things with them all weekend. Loved having them. They LOVVEE Warren more than you could imagine and I'm usually the one that gets picked on. Go figure. Work was suppppeerrrr busy last week. I worked 13 hours on Thursday and then had a crazy day Friday. "Pi Day" was last Monday (3.14) and we decided to celebrate as a department on Friday. Well, a couple of weeks ago, the math club decided to do a fundraiser by placing containers in each math teachers classroom. The teacher with the most money at the end of the 2 weeks would get a pie thrown in their face in front of the whole school. Well, I won't leave you hanging. I was the one the won. I'm not talking barely won or tied. I won by doubling the amount of the other teachers. Here's a pic that one of my most precious students while I was waiting to get pi'd.
Well, needless to say it got ALL over my clothes and my face. The kids loved it though and I guess that's all that matters. :)

Before it gets too late, I did want to blog about our wearing just to share our special day with those who weren't able to be there. Our wedding was everything I could have every dreamed up. We were able to share "Our Day" with special people that have truly changed our hearts and minds. I was so blessed by how many showed up (300+), our precious families who were truly selfless the whole process with all their help, and our friends who made every moment something to remember. Looking back, what I love most about it all is how much FUN everyone looks like they are having in the pics and how much Jesus was glorified. At the end of the day, that's all that matters most. Pictures to come soon. Most of them are too big to load and it's taking forever. Here's a couple.
Love those EEE's :)

War and I doing our thing!

As you can tell, we were there to party.

Leaving in my Grandmother's wedding dress which fit me PERFECTLY and was made by my great-grandma. So special.

Love you guys! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My First Blog Post!

I must admit, I never saw myself getting one of these. I don't really have the time or the creativity. BUT, with that thought, I must also admit that I am guilty of creeping on other people's blogs. So, I gave in and decided to join all my blogging friends out there.

I don't have any incredible recipes to share like Ana, or a giveaway or extraordinary weightloss like Amy and Kate, or super cute pictures of a precious baby like Kati Baldwin, or witty  comments like Bethany, or all my creative hobbies like Brittney Lee. But, I do, occasionally, have a thought to share.

My job teaching high school math has been both a blessing and a challenge. It's easy to forget, as we grow out of those stages, the difficulty teens go through. So many kids are broken and lost and are looking for a cure for their hurt. I have had the most wonderful opportunity to form special relationships with so many teens that truly softens my heart daily. (and frustrates me often, too :)) I just hope that Jesus can use me, though I am far from worthy. 

Marriage is more of a blessing than I think I expected. It is so wonderful to have someone to wake up to and anticipate coming home to that you are in awe of. It's hard, don't get me wrong and he frustrates me A LOT :) but it has taught me so much about how exactly to love and how to change all those calloused parts of my heart that I didn't always noticed existed.

Well, this is a little piece of my life at the moment. I wake up, teach high school, come home, do math, spend time with my hubby, and go back to sleep. I've had to strap on those big girl panties. And it's not always as comfortable as I imagined it was from the other side. :)

Hopefully, my next post will be a little more interesting. Until then, I'll leave with some 17 year old quote from today:
Student:"Mrs. Seals, please don't take this perverted or anything, but when are you going to have kids?"
This ones not as funny as most of them.